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Modernized Mid-Century - Ellicott City

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Sold $875,000 - Historic Homes, Homes & Townhomes
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“I remember my mom and dad selling me on the idea of moving by promising me a big new house,” recalls 18-year old Michael Diangelo of his parents Howard County house hunt. “Thank God that didn’t work out and we got this really cool old stone one instead,” he says with a grin.

Joe and Sharmin Diangelo relocated their family from Ohio 12 years ago and settled on their restored mid-century stone home out on the westernmost region of Ellicott City and on the edge of the historic Carroll Family farm; a far cry from the more suburban development counterpart they had originally envisioned.

“It’s true the house didn’t really meet all of our criteria,” adds Joe with a knowing smile, “but the storybook approach drew us in and there just wasn’t anything else that said home to us in the same way afterward,” he concluded.

“I think we each thought we were going to have to convince the other,” offers Sharmin, on recalling her thoughts at the time. “The longer we stayed, the more taken-in we were with the old-world charm, the quiet spaces and the peaceful country view,” she adds.

“We reconciled the decision by agreeing we could add-on in the future for more space,” said Joe of the final decision. “We even designed an addition ahead of the move which would match the style and offer some additional features.” He recalls.

“Those plans made their way into a drawer or cabinet somewhere,” winks Sharmin, “and think they are still there.”

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