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Off Market $899,500 - Historic Homes, Homes & Townhomes
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“For all the years I couldn’t wait to leave Ellicott City as a young adult, says Matthew Wehland of his memories growing up in the historic district, “It’s funny how I now can’t imagine not living here,” he finishes.

“Like most kids who move away from home for a time, I think I realized after a pretty short time away, that expression “the comforts of home” for me had as much to do with the house as it did with the place, so when mom and dad first mentioned the idea of downsizing, I knew immediately I was going to be on my way back home.”

“When Matthew first mentioned the idea of buying his mom and dad’s house and moving back to Ellicott City, I will admit I was a little unsure about leaving my home in Chevy Chase,” says Matthew’s husband Joe Lynch, “but when we next drove up scenic College Avenue and pulled into the circle drive, I saw the old house in an entirely new way and got really excited at the prospect of making the historic farmhouse our own.”

Nearly 15 years later, the family home is now one of those eye-catching colonials along a bend in the road, often with a porch-full of family and friends and with windows full of laughter and gathering.

“We have both loved showing off all of the work accomplished and entertaining in this house,” says Matthew boasting of how the open floor plan has easily accommodated all the dinner parties, holiday gatherings and specialty events.”

“And everyone looks forward to our annual porch, deck and garden party” says Joe describing many people on the wrap around front porch, expanded rear deck and huge rolling lawn.”

“Now we’re right where mom and dad were all those years ago thinking about down-sizing” laughs Matthew. We started looking around several months ago but have just not been moved to go to any other place.

“At least not until recently” says Joe jumping in.

After looking all around Howard County and Catonsville and even further down toward D.C. it looks like the pair has found the perfect old house right in the same historic town and, believe it or not, there just might a Wehland family member in the deed!

Your best life begins with a home and in a place that inspires.

Live INSPIRED! Live Historic Ellicott City!

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