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Over a River and Through Our Woods - Ellicott City

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Property ID : MDBC474846

For Sale $469,000 - Historic Homes, Homes & Townhomes
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“You would not believe the cast of characters who have called this place home since the Civil War,” chuckles owner Louis of his Williamsburg-yellow cottage home in Oella. “there have been generations of families and people hosting bonfires and barbeques…We even heard there was a Civil War encampment on the property with found relics including a soldier’s coat, confederate brass cuff button, iron buckles and, believe it or not, long underwear!”

“There’s only peace, writing and rock’n roll now,” adds Louis’ wife, Sheila

“And birds!” Add Louis with his hand in the air. “Don’t forget the BIRDS!”

While Louis starts to check off more than twenty species of birds who call this place home, Sheila laughingly pulls me away from what seems to be a regular accounting with guests to share more about the charming home itself and all of the heart-felt improvements made by she and her husband over the past twenty years.

“The house seems to me now to have changed entirely all at once,” says Sheila as we walk room to room.

Obvious features fall away as Shelia touches and remembers each of the small projects artfully filling in the blanks between the hardwoods and hallways of the home. Each have stories all their own from hand-forged iron railings, hammered hinges, artisan tile, Louis’ hand-crafted pantry, the bathroom designed by Louis’ late father with board and batten detailing, the hunt for right range hood, a Pedestal sink, curtain doilies and all of the whimsical fixtures; antique, vintage and new.

As Louis jumps from the last of the species of birds on the property with “…yellow bellied sapsuckers, nuthatches, flickers and also barred owls,” he starts to account for all of the trees while we wind our way down to his private “izbuskha” studio in the woods.

“…And these woods offer a perfect childhood setting for woodland fairies and spooky ghost stories,” offers Louis.

We all laugh as Louis shows of his one-room studio, hand-hewn with downed trees and recycled pallets.

“It seems like he dreamed this studio to life,” says Sheila. “And the path winds through the woods to the Trolley Trail, for a just a quick walk in one direction for coffee and bread and in the other right to Main Street in OEC.” She finishes.

“There’s nothing more enchanting than being able to walk through the woods to this historic town,” says Louis. “And after a drink or two, Sheila and I can really fool ourselves into believing we are Hansel and Gretel!”

Your best life begins in a place and with people who inspire.

LIVE inspired at 2631 Westchester Avenue in Oella of Ellicott City, MD

Agent Kimberly Kepnes

  • Office : 410-525-5435
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