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The Patapsco Perch - Ellicott City

  • 600 Pleasant Hill Ellicott-large-006-24-Living Room-1500x973-72dpi
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  • 600 Pleasant Hill Ellicott-large-036-37-Deck-1500x961-72dpi
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  • 600 Pleasant Hill Ellicott-large-009-5-Living Room-1500x973-72dpi
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  • 600 Pleasant Hill Ellicott-large-005-6-Foyer-1500x973-72dpi
  • 600 Pleasant Hill Ellicott-large-007-1-Living Room-686x1000-72dpi
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  • 600 Pleasant Hill Ellicott-large-012-11-Kitchen-1500x967-72dpi
  • 600 Pleasant Hill Ellicott-large-013-20-Kitchen-1500x973-72dpi
  • 600 Pleasant Hill Ellicott-large-014-7-Kitchen-1500x974-72dpi
  • 600 Pleasant Hill Ellicott-large-015-10-Fireplace-1500x973-72dpi
  • 600 Pleasant Hill Ellicott-large-016-3-Dining Room-1500x971-72dpi
  • 600 Pleasant Hill Ellicott-large-038-32-Yard-1500x960-72dpi
  • 600 Pleasant Hill Ellicott-large-017-25-Loft-1500x972-72dpi
  • 600 Pleasant Hill Ellicott-large-019-26-Loft-1500x970-72dpi
  • 600 Pleasant Hill Ellicott-large-020-13-Master Bedroom-1500x973-72dpi
  • 600 Pleasant Hill Ellicott-large-021-15-Master Bedroom-1500x973-72dpi
  • 600 Pleasant Hill Ellicott-large-022-8-View-1500x964-72dpi
  • 600 Pleasant Hill Ellicott-large-024-21-Master Bathroom-1500x972-72dpi
  • 600 Pleasant Hill Ellicott-large-025-16-Master Bathroom-1500x982-72dpi
  • 600 Pleasant Hill Ellicott-large-026-19-Master Bathroom-1500x973-72dpi
  • 600 Pleasant Hill Ellicott-large-027-17-Master Bathroom-1500x973-72dpi
  • 600 Pleasant Hill Ellicott-large-028-14-Bedroom-1500x973-72dpi
  • 600 Pleasant Hill Ellicott-large-029-4-Study-1500x972-72dpi
  • 600 Pleasant Hill Ellicott-large-030-2-Bathroom-1493x1000-72dpi
  • 600 Pleasant Hill Ellicott-large-031-23-Recreation Room-1500x972-72dpi
  • 600 Pleasant Hill Ellicott-large-032-22-Recreation Room-1500x972-72dpi
  • 600 Pleasant Hill Ellicott-large-033-18-Bathroom-1500x972-72dpi
  • 600 Pleasant Hill Ellicott-large-035-36-Deck-1500x961-72dpi
  • 600 Pleasant Hill Ellicott-large-037-33-View-1500x961-72dpi
  • 600 Pleasant Hill Ellicott-large-001-30-Exterior Rear-1464x1000-72dpi
  • 600 Pleasant Hill Ellicott-large-039-39-Exterior Side-1500x960-72dpi
  • 600 Pleasant Hill Ellicott-large-040-38-Garage-1500x960-72dpi
  • 600 Pleasant Hill Ellicott-large-002-34-Exterior Front-1500x959-72dpi
  • 600 Pleasant Hill Ellicott-large-004-31-Front Entry-1500x960-72dpi

For Sale $869,000 - Homes & Townhomes
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“Believe it or not, I actually dream about this view,” says owner Lesli Morrison while gazing out of the wall of windows overlooking what looks like a mountain-top view over acres and acres of forestry.

“I don’t know if I like it better full of sun and blue sky, blanketed by snow or lit up with horizontal lightning,” she adds. It is just breathtaking in every season and in all weather” she finishes

The towering contemporary sited at the very top of a community called Pleasant Hill in Historic Oella; sitting in stark contrast to its quaint historic neighbors, was originally designed by Leslie to fit right in with its counterparts but the landscape and the yearning for that view drove her design outward and upward; higher and higher, until she finally reached the top of the trees!

“And just when the builder thought he was going to get a break, I showed him the 4-sided, 4 stories, resort-sized fireplace,” she adds, laughing heartily.

Your best life begins in a place, with people and with a view that inspires.

Live Overlooking Oella and the Patapsco River Valley!

600 Pleasant Hill Road, Ellicott City, MD 21043
Offered at $869,000
Kimberly Kepnes of Monument Sotheby’s International Realty

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Agent Kimberly Kepnes

  • Office : 410-525-5435
  • Mobile : 443-250-4241

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