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The TIME-Opportunity Dance - Ellicott City

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Leased $3,950 - Commercial, Historic Homes
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If current tenant Jeff Braswell knows anything, he certainly knows about TIME. Clockwork Synergy time, that it is, which is the watch company Jeff’s owns and operates that sells timepieces all over the world and right down on Main Street in Old Ellicott City on the third floor of the iconic, and recently restored Taylor’s building.
Jeff also knows about opportunity, has learned how to dance around circumstance and how giving something away can help bring more home.

“Oh, I definitely know how to dance now,” laughs Jeff, comparing his two-step to the investment, expansion and ownership change of his women’s clothing boutique, Primitive Beginnings, and the emergence of his men’s store, barber and café, Jaxon-Edwin.

“Let’s just say we have learned a step or two about how TIME and opportunity are delicately balanced,” says Jeff. “Throw in a little environmental disaster and we have had to learn how to move around quickly with steel-toed boots.”
Jeff has had to re-evaluate his commercial spaces, too, playing a shell game with the multiple locations servicing each of his businesses and in the process has realized he is in a unique position to create a TIME-opportunity for a new business that can add value to his own and every other in town.

“Every time a new business starts on Main Street, we get a little closer to full recovery,” Jeff adds. “More and more people are visiting town and I can actually see TIME and opportunity coming together again here.”

“We have the most beautiful warehouse and office space on the third floor of Taylor’s building.” Jeff continues. “I know there are artists, business owners and creative-loft professionals who would love to be a part of Old Ellicott City recovery and who would really thrive here.”

“We want to bring another business home,” says Jeff, “and with the size of this space, we just might be able to bring more than two before we are through!”

Your best life and business begin in a place and with people who inspire!

LIVE and WORK inspired in Old Ellicott City!

8197 Main Street, Ellicott City, MD 21043
3,700 square feet of urban-industrial style warehouse space with two private offices, conference room, kitchenette and bath offered at $3,950 per month.

Kimberly Kepnes of Monument Sotheby’s International Realty
410-525-5435 office 443-250-4241 cell and online at

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Agent Kimberly Kepnes

  • Office : 410-525-5435
  • Mobile : 443-250-4241

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