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Along Memory’s Lane - Ellicott City

  • 9531 Valley Mede Court-large-047-45-Exterior Front-1500x970-72dpi
  • 9531 Valley Mede Court-large-007-43-Front Porch-1500x971-72dpi
  • 9531 Valley Mede Court-large-024-29-Family Room-1500x983-72dpi
  • 9531 Valley Mede Court-large-020-27-Kitchen-1500x984-72dpi
  • 9531 Valley Mede Court-large-021-18-Breakfast Area-1500x983-72dpi
  • 9531 Valley Mede Court-large-037-46-Deck-1500x971-72dpi
  • 9531 Valley Mede Court-large-039-37-View-1500x970-72dpi
  • 9531 Valley Mede Court-large-017-28-Kitchen-1500x983-72dpi
  • 9531 Valley Mede Court-large-019-7-Kitchen-1500x983-72dpi
  • 9531 Valley Mede Court-large-013-10-Foyer-1500x983-72dpi
  • 9531 Valley Mede Court-large-014-1-Dining Room-1500x983-72dpi
  • 9531 Valley Mede Court-large-012-8-Living Room-1500x983-72dpi
  • 9531 Valley Mede Court-large-015-3-Dining Room-1500x984-72dpi
  • 9531 Valley Mede Court-large-008-5-Foyer-1500x979-72dpi
  • 9531 Valley Mede Court-large-026-19-Master Bedroom-1500x983-72dpi
  • 9531 Valley Mede Court-large-027-15-Master Bedroom-1500x983-72dpi
  • 9531 Valley Mede Court-large-029-2-Master Closet-1396x1000-72dpi
  • 9531 Valley Mede Court-large-030-11-Master Bathroom-1500x983-72dpi
  • 9531 Valley Mede Court-large-031-21-Master Bathroom-1500x983-72dpi
  • 9531 Valley Mede Court-large-033-25-Bedroom-1500x983-72dpi
  • 9531 Valley Mede Court-large-034-23-Bedroom-1500x982-72dpi
  • 9531 Valley Mede Court-large-035-20-Bedroom-1500x984-72dpi
  • 9531 Valley Mede Court-large-036-24-Bathroom-1500x983-72dpi
  • 9531 Valley Mede Court-large-038-35-Deck-1500x970-72dpi
  • 9531 Valley Mede Court-large-041-44-Stream-1500x970-72dpi
  • 9531 Valley Mede Court-large-004-34-Exterior Front-1500x971-72dpi
  • 9531 Valley Mede Court-large-044-33-Yard-1500x969-72dpi
  • 9531 Valley Mede Court-large-045-30-Yard-1500x958-72dpi
  • 9531 Valley Mede Court-large-005-32-Exterior Front-1500x970-72dpi
  • 9531 Valley Mede Court-large-006-42-Exterior Front-1500x970-72dpi

Sold $619,900 - Homes & Townhomes
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“We definitely take great pride in all of the interior and exterior improvements we have made over the years,” remarks owner Bruce Ash of how he feels about his Valley Mede home.

“But more than anything we have done over the past twenty years,” finishes his wife Pam, “what really matters most are all of the memories.”

Bruce and Pam go back and forth through the years recalling special family gatherings in the expanded two story family room; stockings hanging from the mantle in front of the gas fireplace; Pam preparing for every feast before, during and after she finally got the kitchen of which she dreamed; chasing the kids in the yard; little boots splashing in the stream; hoops on the sport court; packing the kids off to college, grand-kids staying over and both of them waving from the front door.

Your best life begins in a home that inspires.

LIVE inspired at 9531 Valley Mede Court in Ellicott City.

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Agent Kimberly Kepnes

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